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W-1733, Pere new banking operations in Russia began to implement coin conto- RA, and first commercial Bank — Bank to recuperate at St. The Governor of the Central Bank is not outside the government, and his appointment does not match with the formation of the new Cabinet. Timing (short, medium, long term); 3. The provision of commercial credit to the reglirums Bank. This question is examined by analyzing the returned- ness of the loan through sale of material assets, pre- delivered warranty, and use lien; • "provision" of the loan, i.e. As investment Advisor, the Bank provides Advisory services to their customers about the issue and circulation of securities. The borrower shall reimburse the Bank paid Bank fees, as well as Telegraph and other costs associated using the loan. One of the first banks in the modern sense of the term was founded in 1407, the Bank of Genoa. In these circumstances, an independent Central Bank provides STA- stability of economic development. Modern commercial Bank is an organization created for fundraising and posting them on its behalf the terms of repayment, payment of interest and urgency. After assessing the borrower's creditworthiness and benefits- ness credit operations, the Bank enters into with the borrower of the credit agreement (credit agreement). In this case all risks associated with such placement, all gains and losses from changes in the market value of the purchased securities are financial sowy result of the Bank. Pedagogical value of visual programmeusualiy was was that a good model is more eloquent than the most mind- tion report. List and describe the passive, active and Commission- retirement operations of commercial banks. However, on the other hand, in the case a sufficiently large public debt, the liquidity of the economy indirectly changes and over-borrowing can cause VAT structural imbalances.

In this function of the credit lies with motion de neg on the scheme: "savings — investment". Fixed-term the risk of a loan means his return. Essentially, the liquidity of a business entity means liquidity of its balance sheet. Practice shows that it is difficult semi- chit interbank loan, if the Bank-borrower's authorized capital less than 100 million rubles, or a debit balance. It provides the transformation of the capital of the lender (sob- owned or borrowed in the form of deposits) debt the capital of the borrower.

2872-1 "On pledge". Already in ancient times, the bankers began to consider the business ski promissory notes. Purchase and sale of foreign currency in cash and non-cash forms. The term "Central Bank" was called the largest the Bank, which is located in the heart of the banking system. 2. Financial loan is a direct issuance of the Bank's money to the borrower. The fundamental principles of the activities of commercial the Bank are: work within the resources actually available, economic independence, building customer com- interrelation ships among the market type. However, there are a number of issues: 1) What is Bank in a market economy? 2) What is his role? 3) allowing the Bank to become a key link in the financial system the theme? 4) What is the banking system of the Russian Federation? 5) What are the problems of functioning of the Russian banking system? 1.1. The Bank acts as an investment Fund, when places its resources in securities on its own behalf.

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Tasks of the discipline "Banking" are: • to provide students with a certain minimum required theoretical- ical knowledge of the theory of banking and the banks tion activities; • to instill in them the practical skills to work in the banking sector modern Russian economy; • to plan for the future banking professionals the main areas of work of banks in the twenty-first century with regard to possible banking innovation, business banking, Internet, etc.

Loans were so- to favorable the fact that banks began to seek ways mobiles- the organization (attraction) additional funds.

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